JVB London - Bids Farewell To Swami Dharmanandaji & Nirmalaji

Posted: 14.07.2007
Updated on: 29.11.2012

Prasanna Pragya

Manan Pragya

Vishad Pragya

Amit Pragya


On 24th June 2007 JVB London had organised a function to appreciate Swami Dharmanandji’s services and to bid him farewell as he was returning to his base in New Delhi on 27th June after a 5 weeks successful tour of Europe.

Swamiji was invited by JVB London to conduct Preksha Meditation workshops at JVB centre in London and also to give lectures and conduct practical sessions in London and other big towns and cities of Europe.

The Function started at 10.30 am with the recitation of Namashkar Mahamantra prayer by the Samanijis.


Smt Pushpaji Bhantia of JVB Women’s Wing in her opening address thanked Swami Dhramanandji for conducting the workshops and delivering lectures at London and various other places in Europe. She said like her, all participants had enjoyed and benefited from practical sessions and lectures, which included various subjects from health to spirituality. She also thanked all who participated in various activities organised by JVB. She also thanked Shri Dinesh Z. Shah for acting as a coordinator for the five weeks programme.

Smt Pushpaben Halai, who regularly attends yoga and meditation classes at JVB London Centre, told the gathering how she has personally benefited from this regular practise. Shri Pravinbhai Mehta described Swamiji as a unique, talented and dedicated person. He appreciated Swamiji’s willingness to help and guide any individual person who approached him. Many a times Swamiji also gave personal treatments and advised individuals on how to continue the exercises regularly. Shri K.C. Jain and Shri Sampat Sethia were also full of praise of the Swamiji. Other speakers described Swami Dharmanandji as a roving ambassador of His Holiness Shri Acharya Mahapragya and thanked him for sharing his wisdom and knowledge with others. He was described as a simple person with high morals bursting with energy at the age of 75!

Samani Manan Pragya recited a poem on Preksha Meditation, which stated that to get the full benefit one has to practice this daily. Samani Amit Pragya connected the process of learning meditation and yoga with the aphorisms of Lord Mahavir and the objectives of UNESCO. Samani Vishad Pragya stated that the real farewell to Swamiji is where we all vow to practice what he has taught us during his visit.

The services of Dr Manchanda, an eminent cardiologist from New Delhi, India who had also come to give lectures on the three-day Preksha Meditation workshop with Swami Dhramanandj, were also appreciated.

Dinesh Z. Shah told the audience that to organise any event or function it requires the help of many individuals, families and organisations. He, on behalf of JVB London, expressed gratitude and thanks to everybody who helped in various ways. These included the Choraria family, the Vora family, the Bhantia family, Smt Kiranji and Shri LP Sethia, Shri Pravinbhai Mehta, Shri Ashokbhai Gudka, Shri Devendrabhai Shah, Smt Vilasben Dhanani, Smt Sarojben Patel in Birmingham, Prof. Kantiji Maradia in Leeds, Shri Rashmibhai Mehta in Antwerp, Karuna and Aparigraha Jain in Berlin. He also thanked Dr Atul Shah of Diverse Ethics for contacting various media organisations.


Samani Prasanna Pragya thanked Swami Dharmanandji for accepting JVB London’s invitation. She also appreciated Swamijis approach to the people and guidance given to individuals and also thanked Nirmalaji for assisting Swamiji.She briefed the audience that along with visits at various organisations in London, Swamiji also visited Nottingham, Birmingham, Manchester, Leeds, Antwerp and Berlin. Wherever he visited, practical sessions of health rejuvenating exercises, postures, breathing, kayotsarga(total relaxation with self awareness), contemplation and mantras were carried out.

Swami Dharmanandji in his address said that everywhere he went he felt that people were thirsty for knowledge and were eager to know more about Preksha Dhyan. He advised all to take a challenge to spread the knowledge of Preksha Meditation by practising at various places in London and passing the benefit to people of all faiths, cultures and nationalities. Swamiji said that there was warm welcome and tremendous support at all places they had visited. He was greatly touched by the love and affection shown to him and Nirmalaji and was short of words to express their gratitude. He added that they were returning home with many sweet memories of various organisations and individuals in towns and cities of Europe. He also gave a brief account of various activities carried on at Adhyatma Sadhana Kendra in Delhi. Finally, Swami Dharmananji reminded everybody that yoga life style is the only way to get peace and happiness not only in family and community but the entire world. Nirmalji also thanked everyone for their hospitality.


The function was well attended and it ended after 1pm.

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