JVB Houston - Meditation Program in Rothko Chapel and Methodist Hospital

Posted: 04.08.2007
Updated on: 29.11.2012

Akshay Pragya

Vinay Pragya

On July 11th

Samani Akshay Pragya and Vinay Pragya, from JVB Preksha Meditation Center Houston, were invited for Meditation in ‘Rothko Chapel’ for one hour. Samaniji introduced them about Jainism and made practice of ‘Preksha Meditation’. People enjoyed the meditation and many of them were impressed a lot. They said that they never got such experience before.

On July 18th

Samaniji went to ‘Methodist Hospital’, Houston for Jain Meditation. Every month they conduct meditation from different walks of life. They introduced Jainism and made them practice Preksha Meditation, Long Breathing, Alternate Breathing and White Color Meditation. People shared their positive experience of meditation. Samaniji had a good talk with Dr. James D. Duffy, who is a Medical Director of Methodist Hospital and President & CEO of Institute of Religion and Health (IRH). Dr. Duffy has a good image of Jain followers. Ha says that Jain guys are trustworthy and that’s why they are appointed in banks.



Mr. Aljandro, Director of IRH, introduced Samaniji with the attendees. Samaniji asked him to make practice meditation to the patients; which can help a lot to cure the disease without side effect. Samaniji told how Dr. Manchanda (Cardiologist) in All India Medical Institute, Delhi (India) cures the heart patients through meditation. Then Mr. Aljandro asked for the research done in Delhi.

Ila Patel, vice president of JVB and Mr. Kanti Shah helped Samaniji to visit and they also introduced people with the activities of JVB Center.


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