Microcosmology: Atom In Jain Philosophy & Modern Science ► 02 ► [2.1.15] Atom In Jain Philosophy - Metaphysical View - 6 Universal Qualities - 3. Substancehood (Dravyatva)

Posted: 26.08.2007

The quality of substancehood enables a substance to be the substratum of qualities and modes. As we have seen before, the qualities and modes cannot exist without any support. Such support is the substance. In other words, they will have no basis, if they do not rest in something real. This does not mean, however that dravya is merely a prop, supporting an alien fact, the quality. The quality characterizes the substance and the substance has the quality. It should also be remembered that the attributes alone are not sufficient to constitute substance, because for the Jains esse is not identical with percipi. Qualities, in order to be objective and not merely subjective, do require an objective base. Such a base the dravya is.

The problem of relation between a substance and its attributes has already been discussed.

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