JVB Houston - Workshop Conducted On 'Change the Way You Live' on July 21st 2007

Posted: 06.09.2007
Updated on: 02.07.2015

JVB (Jain Vishwa Bharati) Houston conducted workshop on

Change the Way You Live Your Life and Rediscover the Art of Joyful Living

on July 21st 2007.

“Everything that happens in this creation has a cause; nothing happens without a cause. Even taking birth has a cause. Every emotion brought out by us has an impact. Not even a solitary emotion goes waste; not even one imagination goes waste. When we emanate negative emotions into cosmos, it comes back to us in some form or the other, depending on what we emanate. Therefore, we should control our negative emotions.“ This is what Ramesh Jain had to say in his workshop conducted at the JVB center.


The workshop focused on cleansing negativity, power of visualization, and relaxation & meditation. Shri Ramesh Jain, the self realized soul, is the main force behind Poorna Ananda, a Hyderabad based Centre for Spiritual Evolution and Joyful Living. Shri Jain has developed simple and effective techniques to tap the enormous powers within individuals and help them succeed in all the areas of their lives. He has unfolded the subject to thousands of people across the globe and most of them are reaping the benefits, have taken complete charge of their lives, and are living a joyful life. While elaborating the good and the bad deeds, and their impact on rebirth, he explained - “The kind of rebirth is decided by the belief one has, is based on the feelings, emotions, attachments, unfulfilled desires and impressions on the sub-conscious mind. Whichever impression is predominant at the time of death, decides the type of rebirth, and the impression at the time of death, depends on the impressions collected during life time”. Ramesh Jain explained that through a 7 step process we can take complete control of our lives and possess a vibrating and pleasing personality. Living a joyful life becomes our nature by practicing following steps.

  1. • Cause and effect knowledge,
  2. • Avoidance of negativity,
  3. • Expansion of positivity,
  4. • Alpha level relaxation,
  5. • Positive visualization,
  6. • Positive affirmations and Meditation.

Workshop was attended by more than 60 participants.

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