Demise Of Munishree Sanchiyalalji 'Sangit Kumarji' (Vishnugarh)

Published: 27.09.2007
Updated: 02.07.2015


Munishree Sangit Kumarji
passed away on the afternoon of 27th September, 2007 at 2.35 p.m. at Siriyari.
He was 76 years old.


Muni Sanchiyalalji was born at Tamkor in Bikaner (Rajasthan) in the Choraria (Oswal) clan, on Bhadra Krishna 1, Samwat 1988. Hanutmalji Choraria was his father whereas his mother’s name was Mohar Devi.

Sadhvi Baluji, mother of His Holiness Acharya Shree Mahaprajna and Smt. Mohar devi, mother of Muni Sangit Kumar ji were very close friends and relatives. Acharyashree describes that in worldly life his time was spent around the house of Muni Sangitkumarji and the elder brothers of Muni Sangitkumarji in worldly life viz, Manakchandji, Motilalji and Kanhaiyalalji were in the group in worldly life.

Diksha (Renouncing From The World):

Owing to virtues practiced in his previous life, along with the enthusiasm provided by Munishree Mithalalji the feeling of renouncing the world and reaching the ultimate eternity developed in him. At the young age of 15 years, on Samvat 2003, Magh Shukla 5th, at Churu, Munishree took the vow to renounce the world & live a new life leading to spirituality in the auspicious presence of Ganadhipati Acharya Shree Tulsi.

On the same day 11 other novices too accepted this vow.

Pious Guidance:

During his three years of Gurukulavas (the stage where one lives the life of a student under the guidance of an Upadhyay or Guru) and then another 4 years, Munishreeji accompanied Mantri Muni Maganlalji. When Muni Sumermalji `Ladnun’ was made group leader for the first time, Muni Sangit Kumarji and Muni Roshanlalji were the other saints in the group in. He was with Muni Subhkaranji for the next twenty-five years beginning with Sardarshahar. He accompanied Munishree in preaching the principles of Jainism to distant places.

Educational Profile:

Dashvaykalik, Uttaradhyan (7 volumes), Virthhthui, Bhaktambar, Shantsudharaas, Sindurprakaran, Kalyanmandir, Ratnakarpanchavishikia Parmatmdwatrishik, Anyayogvyavchhedika, Charpatmanjari and almost 350 Shlokas with Five Hundred geetikas (short verse) are learnt by heart. He frequently preached discoverers on Agam Batishi, Aacharang Bhashya, Bhikshu Granth Ratnakar, Vivek Chudhamani, and Yogvashishta and discussed these.

From the year Vikram Samvat 2040 Muni Sangit Kumar was made group leader by Acharya Sri Tulsi. At present Muni shri was continuing with 11th varshitap (where by one takes meal on one day and goes on fasting the other day). On this day also he was on fasting. Once he has been described by Acharyashree as one such saint who was very gentle by his body, speech and mentally too. He was one who was getting closer to vitaragta.

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