Peace Through Dialog 2007 - Message from Gurudev Chitrabhanuji

Posted: 03.10.2007
Updated on: 23.03.2017

A Message from Gurudev Chitrabhanuji

Peace Through Dialogue - Meditation on Ahinsa Dharma

My dear Friends

Man is caught between polarities: Between enlightenment and ignorance; between peace and war; between Ahinsa and violence. Life is wounded with war and violence. The healing balm is in the heart of Ahinsa.

Awareness of time makes us vigilant to practice Ahinsa. Time is a shifting reality. It waits for none. In this time our journey started with the birth in this world, ceaselessly moving toward departure without rest. Whatever good we can do, we have to do now. We have freedom of choice. Every moment of our life is precious. Our choices will determine the quality of our future. Ahinsa is the highway where all religious exits merge. Ahinsa is practice. Ahinsa is observing with body, mind and action these six qualities in its acronym:


Awareness is seeing ourselves in mirror of consciousness: what we want to become and what we really are. We see our true Self: "I am indestructible sentient energy, animating everything: body, senses, mind, in our wholistic existence." We peacefully portray our own picture in harmony with the universe. This is the journey to self-realization. We realize our oneness with all life. This is Ahinsa.


In harmonious presence of our Self, we are harmless, we are peaceful, we create vibrations of peace and well being. Harmony begets harmony. Gradually peace engulfs us and becomes our shield. Protects us from violence.


Integrate everything: body, mind and soul. Bring equanimity and consideration to all races, all religions, all ethnic groups, all life. Take out the divisions from the mind of high class and low class, the curse of untouchability. "Christian. Jew. Chinese. Muslim. Indian." These walls dissolve in the feeling of integrated life of Ahinsa and empathy.


Nobility reminds us of the magnanimity of the soul. It generates understanding for all living beings in feelings, in expressions and in relations. It forgives and forgiveness is liberation, liberation from animosity, revenge, hate, sorrow and suffering. By forgiving we are free.


Through service we become alive. Have you thought how many people and things serve us? Start with serving yourself by not being a victim of your emotions: hate, anger and prejudice. Then serve with purity of head and heart. Each serving person is a blessing to Self and to the world.


Abstain from those things, which pollute our vibrations, and from worldly products which cause pain, suffering to others, and hurt our body and soul. Abstinence from the milk, which is for the baby calves, not for human beings. For vibrations of peace and harmony, abstain from negativities which come from violence and suffering. The senses are a gateway to all kinds of vibrations.

So, my friends, let us recognize ourselves as travelers on this earth to realize our inherent potentiality to be Siddha by overcoming weaknesses with Ahinsa.

Love and Blessings,

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