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Posted: 19.10.2007
Updated on: 23.03.2017


Dr. Priyadarshana Jain is M.A, M.Phil, and Ph.D in Jainology; and has been a lecturer for the past 10 years in the Dept of Jainology, University of Madras, Chennai. She specializes in teaching Jainism to all groups and is a resource person for Foreign students and other foreigners coming for spiritual retreats at various Christian centers. She has written many papers and translated two books of Jainism. She visited several cities in the USA in 2006 as a member of a special project for female interfaith leaders from India funded by the U.S. Embassy in New Delhi.
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Peace today is in pieces. The tragedy of our modern times is that we talk of peace but silently prepare for war. Mere can be no way to peace because peace itself is the way. Peace is the quintessence and the goal of life but the world seems to have lost the keys to the kingdom of peace. Religion in Latin means 'to unite', but history reveals that many of the religions have more often been the cause of war and disunity and have disturbed the peace of mankind. Although all religions and philosophies stand by peace and nothing else, all saints and philosophers have lived and died for peace but have never killed in the name of religion. A greater need is felt today to understand the very nature of peace and to understand the role of religion in its light.

As said earlier religion means to unite with God, with emancipation, but this unification is not possible in the absence of peace, because only a peaceful mind can be the mirror of God, of the Paramatman. Just as one cannot see one's reflection in troubled waters, so also self-realization and liberation are not possible for a person who does not know the value of peace.

Peace is one's own essence (svabhava), but in modern times ignorance, egotism, materialism, violence, depression, stress, emotional imbalance, pressure of varying degrees at various stages in life, seem to be mounting by leaps and bounds and there are more psychological problems and cases than ever before. We are not at peace with ourselves and are searching for peace in material pleasures ana mundane accomplishments where we are never going to find it. Peace is within each one of us, in harmony is the inner strength and not in external people, places and things. Just as happiness is a state or mind, peace is a state of the pure and perfect self that is focused in the centre of life and not revolving in the circumference of men and matter.

One who is at peace with oneself alone can experience and radiate that peace everywhere. A person who is at peace with himself alone can realize peace in the family, society, nation and the world at large and not the vice-versa. Peace is being in the here and now of life. Peace is living in the present moment sans the dreams, imaginations, desires, expectations, worries, tensions etc. Peace is in surrendering of the external self to the inner self, realizing the potential of the supreme self within. Peace is in the bottom most part of your being waiting to be tapped, yearning to manifest, waiting there for you to return to your eternal home. The greatest journey is that which brings you to your eternal home and this is possible only through peace.

Peace or no Peace - the choice is yours but remember what you wish you will find, if you choose peace you have nothing to lose, but if you choose otherwise you lose yourself and everything.

Peace and freedom are the birthright of all souls but we pass from one life to another without realizing our purpose of life, which cannot be anything other than enlightenment (Sambodhi and Nirvana). It is only in enlightenment that that fathomless, unobstructed, and never-ending Peace can be experienced and enjoyed forever.

Had peace been anywhere outside it would have been found, but it is the very essence and core of all beings and until we realize this it will elude us at every step. Hence the need for right gods, gurus and dharma who will guide us at every step to realize the peace within us, so as to be released from all external conditioning. Peace happens when love meets wisdom, knowledge meets character and mind meets the soul.

So, no matter who you are with, whether you are under the sun, what you do with life as long as you are at peace with yourself, self-realized and enlightened, calm and serene, cheerful and balanced, relaxed and helpful, undisturbed and unaffected by the adversities and prosperities that come your way, chosen by you in your ignorance in past lives. Now is the time to choose peace in wisdom, happiness, cheerfulness, forgiveness, contentment and spirituality. When you live, eat, walk, talk meditatively, peace manifests with ease and you enjoy what the most materially accomplished people fail to enjoy.

Finally the mantra for Peace is REALISE YOURSELF, BE HAPPY AND DO GOOD. Be happy come what may, and do well to all the people you can, by all the means you can, at all the times you can and in all the places you can.

May peace be with all until we find peace.

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