JAINA - International Interreligious Encounter, Monterrey Mexico - Raksha J. Shah : 'Mutual Co-Existence and Interdependence...'

Published: 24.10.2007
Updated: 02.07.2015

organized by the
Council for the Parliament of Worlds Religions with the UNESCO.


Mrs. Raksha J. Shah gave a 90 minute presentation on

Mutual-Co-existence and Interdependence
An Overview from the Jain Perspective,
the need of the hour for Peace and Harmony

The Jains made a lasting impact on the people of Monterrey at the International Interreligious encounter at Fundidora Parque in Mexico.The four day Conference was attended by an enthusiastic 5,500 people, including 50 leaders, scholars academicians and activists from around the world.

This International Interreligious encounter at Monterrey Mexico was organized by the Council for a Parliament of the World’s Religions, between the 21ST and 24TH September, by gathering together diverse people, communities and leaders to explore the theme of “With All Respect, In Every Respect,” a consideration of identity and values, ethical claims in facing matters of life and death and societal issues. The main focus of the event was to explore how religious, spiritual, and cultural values inform our ethical decisions and guide our patterns of living together in the family, society, global community and with the Earth

About 50 religious and spiritual leaders gathered at the forum. The Bahai’s, Buddhists, Christians, Jews, Taoists, Hindus, Muslims, Jains, Sikhs,, and the Yorubians to mention a few of them together with the Mexican indigenous leaders blessed the conference and discussed the various issues. The dignitaries included Swami Dayanand Saraswati, Ambassador Akbar Ahmed (US) and Anop R.Vora (US), & Raksha Shah (India), Jayanti Kriplani (UK), Bhai Mohinder Singh (UK), Nahid Angha (US) and many others.


Presenting a paper on Mutual Co-existence and Interdependance, said, Jain scholar and lecturer at the Mumbai University - Mrs. Raksha Shah, “Lord Mahavir has proclaimed that, “all souls including human beings, nature, all other creatures together with the universe are a part of the Universal Web of Life and thereby we are all directly or in an indirect way are Interdependent on each other. If we want to be happy and live peacefully, we need to follow the principles of Ahimsa [non-violence], Anekant [multiplicity of toughts/non-absolutism] and Aparigraha [non-possessiveness] and respect and honor all of the creatures. If we head towards cultivating mutual understanding and orient around tolerance, self-restraint, faith, friendliness, compassion and equanimity and work hand in hand for the upliftment of humanity, I’m sure, peace, progress and prosperity would follow.

Past President of Jaina Anop Vora said, "In the fast changing world,, people are clamoring for solutions to problems of increased violence, conflicts, stress and tension. We need to open up and listen to ideas offered by cultures and religions of others. We need to open the doors wide for the benefit of all to principles of Ahimsa and Compassion, the non-violent way of life".

JAINA reached out to all Jains throughout the world to join this parliament event and participate actively with one unified Jain voice to raise the profile of Jainism. This JAINA approach, a good example of inclusiveness, was very well received by the laymen, monks and sadhvis, and Jain organizations alike.

The activists, academicians, leaders discussed [from their religious angles] and enlightened people on issues like Euthanesia, Armed Conflict, Terrorism, Family Issues, religion and values amongst the many others.



Mrs. Raksha J. Shah

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