Posted: 08.01.2004
Updated on: 17.12.2012


Terapantha, Terapanthi, Terapanthis, Terāpantha, Terāpanthīs


Terapanth (or Tera Panth) the name given to two independent Jain sects:

  • Shvetambar Terapanth:

An organized sect of Shvetambar Jainism founded on June 29th, 1760 CE by Acharya Bhikshu in Mewar, Rajasthan. Shvetambar Terapanth belongs to the amurtipujaka lineage of Jainism, which means that the order does not have temples or idols. The order comprises over 1000 saints and nuns in a very organised structure under the current Acharya Mahashramana.

  • Digambar Terapanth:

A sect of the Digambara tradition, that introduced several reforms in 1664 AD, but worship idols. It is not an organized sect, rather a philosophy regarding some of the rituals. The Kanji Swami sect regards itself to represent the Terapanth. It was influenced by Atyadhma movement which arose in 1626 AD.


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