Posted: 25.09.2004
Updated on: 22.12.2011



Abandonment of the body with self-awareness.

Body and Soul cannot be experienced at the same time.
To experience the soul and stop experiencing the body is kayotsarg.

Simulation of death to experience the detachment of body and soul: 'I am not my body, I am soul.' by minimizing the activities of

  • the muscles
  • vital flow of energy
  • brain activities

Kayotsarg is the first step in Preksha Meditation. During Kayotsarga the body is brought into a motionless posture:

  • Total relaxation with Selfawareness:

    Starting with the big toe of the right foot up to the highest point of the head, the body is relaxed part by part and led into unimportance = a deathlike state......

  • on Samayik Path:

The mind is focussed on the prayers and verses of the Samayik Path.
This meditation like state is one part of the religious activities of followers of Jainism.


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