Kevala Jnana

Posted: 01.11.2004
Updated on: 04.05.2012


Keval Gyan, Keval Jnana, Keval Jnāna, Kevala jñāna, Kevala-jnana, Kevala-jñāna, Kevalajñāna, Kewal Gyan, केवल णाण, केवलज्ञान

Sanskrit: केवलज्ञान, kevala jñāna

Prakrit: केवल णाण, kevala ṇāṇa

"perfect knowledge" or "absolute knowledge", "omniscience";

the knowledge which directly cognizes all the substances with all their modes; it is pure and perfect knowledge; it is the intrinsic nature of soul and is attained on total elimination of the knowledge-veiling karma.

Limitless in scope, not restricted by space or time, a complete and simultaneous understanding of the whole universe or the universe as a whole.


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