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Posted: 03.03.2007

3rd March

Every idea has a root cause which does not normally manifest itself.
When there is an external stimuli the material cause (the root cause) manifests itself.
So while the role of external stimuli can not be ignored, it is necessary to recognize that it gains expression only when there is a material cause.

If the material cause is rectified, then the external stimuli would be disempowered.
Based on this truth, Acharya Mantung says eulogising Lord Rishabha that,

Chitram kimatra yadi te tridashang-anabhir neetam managa pimano na vikaramargam kalpantakaalamaruta chalitachal kim mandaraadri shikharam chalitam kadachit.

[No external stimulus or inducement is able to unsettle a patient man.
To be patient is to control the mind in such a way as to develop intellect:that is firmness of mind.]

Kalidasa wrote this truth in poetry:

Vikarhetau sati vikriyante yesham na chetaansi ta eva dheeraaha.

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