Posted: 26.03.2005
Updated on: 10.01.2012

"Meditation is the totality of life, it cannot be divided into segments of time and space. Its impact should be felt on every activity from the time of waking up in the morning till going to bed at night. Walking sitting, standing, sleeping, speaking, eating, drinking etc. Only when all these activities are seasoned with meditation, the perfection of sadhana manifests itself in conduct. It is because of this consideration that various forms of sadhana have been determined - walking yoga, standing-yoga, sitting-yoga, asana-yoga, sleeping yoga, speaking-yoga, eating-yoga, etc. Yoga in these words is symbolic of the fact that any action when complemented with full awareness, becomes yoga."

Acharya Ganadhipati Tulsi in Transmutation Of Personality [19] Training For Meditation

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Preksha Meditation (Preksha Dhyan)

With thoughts how can we make our conscious pure and clean?
We learn to move away from thoughts and remain in a thoughtless state.
The only solution to arrest thoughts is meditation....


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