Ladnun - Jain Vishva Bharati - Trip To Spirituality [11] 3rd IPMC - 12:00 Lunch & Rest

Posted: 16.01.2005
Updated on: 15.02.2008

The time simply flew, filled with so many spiritual activities.
Lunch was some kind of a meeting point, one of the occasions to say hello or just nod to each other.

The eyes were animated by the appetizing offers.

Mr. Bhandari, president of Jain Vishva Bharati, tested the quality and was satisfied, as were the participants.

There was few noise in the dining hall compared to its size and the quantity of people in it.
Behind this was the intention of the organisers, to make us live like ascetics during the eight days of the camp.
Men and women, even married couples, were accomodated separately.

Paulo from Barcelona was astonished how few was spoken, originating from a culture where meals are always a social event with much of noise and talking.

But silence was not complete, Karuna from Berlin and Harshad from London had a little talk on the cold weather. Both are used to it, but not to rooms without heating.

Local Rajasthani Televison Channel was working on a reprotage on Acharyshree's stay in Ladnun and illustrated it with impressions from the IMPC.

After lunch, some participants enjoyed the peaceful atmosphere in the parks of the campus and liked to relax in front of the statue of the wishfulfilling cow.

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