Bhagavan Mahavira Life and Philosophy ► 02 ► [02.09] Detachment and Marriage

Posted: 03.08.2005


Thirty Years Of Family Life

ime moves on. It is never at a standstill. Vardhamana grew up and stood at the threshold of youth. He commanded a very healthy, beautiful and strong personality.

It was time to think of the marriage of the young prince. The king and the queen considered the matter. Jitasatru, the King of Kalinga, sent an envoy to Siddhartha with the proposal of the marriage of his daughter with Vardhamana. They were slightly surprised at the proposal. They knew that their son was too much devoted to the self. He mostly lived in the world of his own consciousness. The desire to see the line of succession continue compelled the king and the queen to accept the proposal of Jitasatru. The envoy returned carrying the message of the acceptance of the proposal for marriage.

When his father informed Vardhamana of the acceptance of the proposal of the latter's marriage, the prince found himself in a strange situation. He had been absorbed in the spiritual reality, trying to feel his oneness with it. His life in the family did not at all disturb his spiritual preoccupations. Marriage implies duality. One has to enter into worldly relations with another being. The husband's consciousness will have to be diverted to the external world. Vardhamana was unwilling.

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