Bhagavan Mahavira Life and Philosophy ► 04 ► [04.08] First Sermon: Muni-Dharma: 5. Sermon On Non-possessiveness

Posted: 16.08.2005

Chapter 4

Kaivalya (Omniscience) And The Bhagavan's Sermons

hagavan Mahavira's sermon on non-possessiveness:

  • A covetous man creates enemies.
  • Therefore don't put premium on possession,
  • Non-attachment is the Eternal Religion.

In Order to-practise it:

  • Don't be attached to sounds
  • Don't be attached to beauty
  • Don't be attached to fragrance
  • Don't be attached to tastes
  • Don't be attached to touch

Non-possessiveness consists in avoiding attachments and their causes.

The rules of samiti and gupti are meant for the practice of ahimsa.


Irya Samiti

Walking in a disciplined way.


Bhasa Samiti

Speaking in a disciplined way.


Esena Samiti

Accepting food in accordance with the rules of begging, and eating food in a disciplined way.


Adana Niksepa Samiti

Using equipments and utensils in a disciplined way.


Utsarga Samiti

Disposal of excreta in a disciplined way.


Discipline of the mental activities.


Observance of silence.


Control of physical actions.

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