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Posted: 17.08.2005

Chapter 4

Kaivalya (Omniscience) And The Bhagavan's Sermons

he Householder's Way for the Practice of Religion

After having laid down a discipline for the monks, Bhagavan Mahavira laid down the rules of conduct for the householders also.

He said that although the householders cannot be free from the responsibilities concerning the family, the society, the state etc., yet they should observe the following minor vows:

  1. Renunciation of gross violence
  2. Renunciation of gross untruth
  3. Renunciation of gross stealing
  4. Continence
  5. To limit desires - to put a limit to possession of wealth etc.

The householder should practise the following teachings in order to strengthen the above-mentioned minor vows:

  1. Confining oneself to a certain geographical area, one should not commit violence, etc. beyond it.
  2. One should not consume things beyond a certain limit.
  3. One should renounce things, which are not necessary.
  4. One should practise equanimity.
  5. One should put a limit even to routine engagements necessary for life.
  6. One should remain absorbed in the self by fasting.
  7. One should part with a portion of daily necessities, and offer them to ascetics.

Men benighted by false beliefs, attachments and indulgence were enlightened by Bhagavan Mahavira’s call to practise right belief, unattachment and discipline.
Thousands became ready to follow his path.

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