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Posted: 24.08.2005

Chapter 5

Foundation Of Religious Order

harma in the form of the spiritual values is eternal, it is self-existent; it cannot be created.
This is an objective viewpoint.

There is another point of view to describe dharma, viz. the empirical point of view.
From this view point, dharma, i.e., religion and the religious tradition need establishment and fostering for keeping them alive.
This is achieved through the foundation of tirtha, i.e., religious organization or laying down the doctrines. Bhagavan Mahavira became the founder of religious tirtha - tirthankara - by establishing a religious order through propounding the doctrines of dharma.

The eleven learned Brahmins including Indrabhati together with their own disciples were the first to become initiated as the members (monks) of this newly established religious order.

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