Posted: 11.09.2005
Updated on: 22.04.2012



merit, material beneficence

Puṇya (tattva)

Auspicious karma; it is the merit in the sense that it produces favourable material conditions such as happiness etc., when such karma comes into rise; metaphorically, the causes leading to the bondage of puṇya, which is of nine types:

Offering of food, drink, shelter, bed, cloth etc. to the ascetics, auspicious activities of mind, speech and body, and offering of homage to the ascetics;

Being metaphysically a pudgala, puṇya is a modification of ajīva tattva.

Puṇya is sub divided into two categories:

1. Puṇyānubandī puṇya,

2. Pāpānubandhī puṇya.


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