Posted: 11.09.2005
Updated on: 22.04.2012


Paap, Paapa, Pap, Pāpa

Adversities, "sin"

pāpa (tattva)

Inauspicious or evil karma; it is the demerit in the sense that it produces evil or unfavourable spiritual as well as material conditions such as veiling knowledge etc., and unhappiness etc. when it comes into rise; metaphorically the causes leading to the bondage of pāpa (karma) is also called pāpa, which is of 18 types:

Killing, telling lie, stealing, sexual indulgence, possessing wealth etc., indulging in anger, conceit, deceit, greed, attachment, aversion, quarrel, abuse, backbiting, censure, deceitful untruthfulness, and the thorn of perverted faith;

Being metaphysically a pudgala, pāpa is a modification of ajīva tattva.

Pāpa is sub divided into two categories:

1. Pāpānubandhī pāpa,

2. Puṇyānubandhī pāpa.


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