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Posted: 14.09.2005

Chapter 7

The Relevance Of The Jaina Religion To Modern Problems

he metaphysics in the context of religion is not an intellectual exercise. Its purpose is not merely to know, but is moksa - to emancipate the soul.

Bhagavan Mahavira laid down nine principles for the achievement of this purpose:

  1. jiva
  2. ajiva
  3. punya
  4. papa
  5. asrava
  6. samvara
  7. nirjara
  8. bandha
  9. moksa

Among these the first two, i.e., jiva and ajiva, have been conceived from the point of view of existence, i.e., they are metaphysical realities and the remaining are the parts of the process of bandha and moksa.

Asrava, bandha, punya and papa are the causes of the cycle of suffering. Samvara and nirjara are the causes of emancipation from this cycle.

One who becomes completely emancipated from the cycle of suffering attains moksa.

In other words, atma becomes paramatma (supreme soul).

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