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Posted: 26.09.2005

Chapter 9

Philosophy And Exhortation


Do not be in dread of the dreadful, the illness, the dis ease, the old age, and even the death or any other object of fear. (Prasnavyakarana, 7/20)


The non vigilant has fear from all directions. The vigilant has none from any.
(Acaranga, 3/75)


One who entertains fear finds himself lonely (and helpless).
(Prasnavyakarana, 7/20)


The valiant does not tolerate indulgence, nor does he tolerate abhorrence. As he is pleased with his own self, he is not attached to anything.
(Acaranga, 2/6/160)


As a tortoise withdraws his limbs within his own body, even so does the valiant withdraw his mind within him­ self from all sins.
He also withdraws his hands, legs, mind, sense organs, sinful moods, evil words, pride, and deceitfulness.
This indeed is the valour of the valiant.
(Sutrakrtanga, 1/8/16-18)


The enlightened should contemplate that his soul is endowed with boundless energy.
(Niyamasara, 96)


Only that man can take a right decision, whose soul is not tormented by the afflictions of attachment and aversion.
(Isibhasiyam, 44/1)


One who knows the spiritual (self) knows the external (world) too. He who knows the external world, knows the self also.
(Acaranga, 1/7/147)

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