JVB Orlando - Workshop On Creative Yoga

Posted: 11.11.2005
Updated on: 15.02.2008

Samani Madhur Pragya and Samani Parimal Pragya conducted a workshop on creative yoga at the Department of Philosophy and Religion of Rollins College, Orlando, Florida. Samani Madhur Pragya spoke on physical, mental, and emotional factors in regard to creativity. Food and exercise is very important for physical creativity. Contemplation and living in the present moment are required for mental creativity. Positive behavior and attitude contribute to emotional creativity. Following the lectures, Samani Parimal Pragya demonstrated and practiced yoga with the students.

Then professor Yudit Greenberg invited Samani Madhur Pragya and Samani Parimal Pragya to speak to her students on the topic of “Religion and Body”. Samani Madhur Pragya explained that according to Jain philosophy our existence is a duel with animate and inanimate. The soul is conscience, while the body is matter. According to Jain philosophy, realization of the self is the aim, and the body is the means in which one can realize the soul. She explained the importance of one's body and how it can be kept healthy and happy. The session ended with questions from the students.

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