Economics Of Mahavira ► 01 ► [01.16] The Central Focus 'Man or Money' - The Personality of Man

Posted: 11.12.2005

All the foregoing needs, however, represent a materialistic point of view, a narrow point of view. Modern economists also propagate all these needs and provide a way to satisfy them. Mahavira said that these demands or needs are there and we would not deny their reality, but these are not all, everything, for the human beings.

As already mentioned, there are four elements in man's nature. Among them passion alone is not everything. For satisfying passion, material means are required. One is the goal and the other is the means. Passion is the end, and material means achieve it. In this way, these two constitute the components of man's nature. However, man is not all passion and its satisfaction. If man's personality had remained within the limits of passion and material means, then there would be no need to think about morality, character and the like. There would also be no need to despise and to keep away from corruption, dishonesty and immorality. On the basis of only a part of man's nature, Keynes propounded his economic theories. He rejected the other half of man's nature.

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