Economics Of Mahavira ► 01 ► [01.23] The Central Focus 'Man or Money' - The Basic Difference

Posted: 18.12.2005

Let us compare Modern Economics with Mahavira's Economics in the context of the restraint and ethical life.

The first difference would be of the very fundamentals of basic philosophy.

Modern Economics is based on a single-track materialism.
Mahavira's Economics is based on the acceptance of both materialism and spiritualism.

Modern Economics has set a goal man must become wealthy.
The objective of Mahavira's Economics is that man should live his life peacefully and happily.
Devoid of peace, one cannot get happiness. Happiness comes through peace.

In Gita, it has been said:

Na chabha vayatah shantih ashantasya kutoh sukham

There is no peace without feelings and without peace, happiness cannot even be dreamt.

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