Economics Of Mahavira ► 02 ► [02.05] The Economic Concept of Development - Values Should Not be Eroded

Posted: 25.12.2005

Mahavira said that while earning wealth, human values should not be sacrificed. From this point of view, we find a major difference between Mahavira's concepts and the concepts of Modern Economics. Under Mahavira's philosophy, it remained imperative that in achieving economic development, values should not be eroded. But today the situation is different.

Keynes has said clearly: The time has not come when we should think about values or about morality. When all become rich, then it would become necessary to think about this. To Mahavira's Economics, development of compassion and sensitivity should keep pace with economic development. We should avoid a position where we become prosperous but the stream of compassion and sensitivity dries up. Man can amass wealth by cruel means, which could lead to development, but this kind of development should lead to impoverishment of millions of people.

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