Economics Of Mahavira ► 02 ► [02.08] The Economic Concept of Development - Presence of Imperialistic Mentality

Posted: 28.12.2005

It is doubtless that considerable development has taken place in technology. If only along with this there was also compassion, then, perhaps, mankind would not have been threatened as it is today. The meticulousness with which technology has been deployed for destruction has not been used for welfare. The reason for this is that imperialistic mentality persists in man. There was a time when imperialism of land was the order. Acquire land, grab more land, this was a kind of territorial imperialism.

Today, it is the age of economic imperialism. What is important is not how much land one owns, but how much market one controls. Japan is a small country with a relatively small population, but it has dominated the world market for quite sometime.

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