Economics Of Mahavira ► 02 ► [02.09] The Economic Concept of Development - Selfishness and Cruelty

Posted: 29.12.2005

One witnessed all around a kind of competition for establishing economic imperialism. America, England, Japan, and Germany - all these countries want to leave others behind in this race. Technology has been used freely for expanding this economic imperialism. It has been used less for human welfare. The same is true of industrial development. It has been argued that with more development, there would be more opportunities and more employment. Compassion will come after that. On the other hand, wherever selfishness is predominant, compassion loses its impact. It is Mahavira's well-established theory that cruelty increases corresponding to selfishness. As self-interest remains limited, compassion rises. It is never possible that self-interest and compassion both become dominant at the same time.

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