Economics Of Mahavira ► 02 ► [02.10] The Economic Concept of Development - The Plea of Employment

Posted: 30.12.2005

The plea of employment used is also a feeble one. It is in this age of robots and computers, where a thousand workers were engaged earlier, only five would do today. How could it lead to more employment? As a result of mechanization, people are becoming increasingly unemployed, while the endeavour has been to eradicate poverty and unemployment. With more mechanization, the robots are snatching away work from the people. As a consequence, poverty and unemployment are increasing at a high rate. One wonders where this age of electronics is leading us. In a country like Japan, even the work of a priest is being performed by a robot. When somebody dies and his family enters the religious place for prayers, the robot greets them, gives messages of patience and offers words of condolence, gives a complete religious discourse and in the end, after giving blessings, thankfully bids farewell. All the work of the priest is done by the robot!

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