Economics Of Mahavira ► 02 ► [02.17] The Economic Concept of Development - Ichhajayi, Master of Wants

Posted: 06.01.2006

The third category of person is he who has controlled his wants. We would not consider him a social being. He has no wants or has conquered wants. He becomes detached from the society by becoming a saint. He performs no economic activities, has no factories, and does no business. His life is only devoted to sadhana (devotion).

Bhagwan Mahavira said that we leave the third category of persons alone although there is no dearth of people of this category.

In Mahavira's devout society, the number of persons with few wants was five lakhs (500.000) and the number of persons with conquered desires was fifty thousand (50.000). When our saints and sadhvis visit Europe, people are in wonder when they see them. The people wonder how they can withstand heat and cold. They do not carry money either. This type of life is beyond their imagination. They cannot believe that there would be people who have disowned wealth.

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