Economics Of Mahavira ► 03 ► [03.01] Economics of Non-violence and Peace - Objectives of Communism

Posted: 11.01.2006

The strategy goal of communism has been to grab power, which should be rested in the hands of the economically weaker, backward or the working class. However, no proper consideration is given on how it is achieved. The purity of means does not matter at all. If power comes through fair means, well and good; however if it does not come through fair means, then it has to be acquired through any means.

Modern Economics too has the same approach. What matters to it is that prosperity is enhanced. And to acquire greater prosperity, greed and competition are the prerequisites. The expanding greed presupposes expanded needs, which call for expanding production. This, in turn, requires higher economic growth.

Economic growth calls for competition. In this context, peace and non-violence are relegated to a secondary position.

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