Economics Of Mahavira ► 03 ► [03.03] Economics of Non-violence and Peace - The Gandhian View

Posted: 13.01.2006

This then is the point of view of today's Economics. The question that emerges is, what was the view of Mahavira? Let us first discuss the Gandhian view before talking about Mahavira.

Mahatma Gandhi opposed certain aspects of communism. He opposed in particular two aspects, industrialism and concentration. He said that concentration of power and of capital tends to increase violence. Wherever power and capital get concentrated in the hands of a few, problems arise. This view of Gandhiji has come wholly true. Wherever concentration of power and capital took place, violence has intensified.

Gandhiji made another vital point. Any government, the foundation of which is based on violence, cannot survive. Communism would also not survive. Gandhiji's forecast made a few decades ago has turned out to be true. Based on violence, nothing can remain enduring. It is for a similar reason that he opposed industrialism.

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