Economics Of Mahavira ► 03 ► [03.04] Economics of Non-violence and Peace - Consequences of Industrialism

Posted: 14.01.2006

Industrialism, in its ultimate analysis, is only a variation of economic slavery; it is one of its synonyms. As industries become centralized, economic slavery will prevail. This will lead to exploitation. Exploitation would not be limited to one country but it will extend to exploitation of one nation by another. The nation with increased industrial capacity will use that power to exploit other nations.

With industrialism two other things go together: Power, and exploitation through power and violence. Where industrialism gets a free hand, the problems of conflict and war are also created. In opposing industrialism, therefore, Mahatma Gandhi called for decentralized industry; in opposing concentration of capital, he advocated dispersal of capital and trusteeship. This really means that Gandhiji propounded non-violence and peace.

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