Economics Of Mahavira ► 03 ► [03.08] Economics of Non-violence and Peace - Principles of Purity of Means

Posted: 18.01.2006

Mahavira gave five principles for purity of means in relation to production:

  1. Do not put anybody in bondage.
  2. Do not kill.
  3. Do not mutilate.
  4. Do not over-load.
  5. Do not ignore or belittle devotion.

He prescribed the following principles for the devout society d eveloped by him:

  • If engaged in the occupation of agriculture, do not use fetters, bonds.
  • Do not keep either animals or men under subjugation.
  • Do not kill.
  • Do not beat anybody.
  • Do not strike at anybody.
  • Do not harass any people.
  • Do not mutilate.

During those times, mutilation of parts of body or organs was prevalent. That was the age of slavery. Punishment in the form of mutilation of organs or parts of body was given. Hands, legs and body parts were chopped off. Accordingly, Mahavira said:

  • Do not destroy organs or parts of body.
  • Do not put too much load on men or animals.
  • Do no deprive people of their livelihood.
  • Do not exploit anybody.
  • Ensure that you do not extract too much work and pay less
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