Economics Of Mahavira ► 03 ► [03.14] Economics of Non-violence and Peace - Theory of Production

Posted: 24.01.2006

Modern Economics has developed a contradiction within itself. The very rationale of what should be produced has disappeared. Intoxicants are being produced in large quantities. The production of alcoholic drinks has grown Unimaginably large; let alone the production of opium, charas, Heroin and other drugs. Business worth crores [10.000.000] is being carried on in processed tobacco (jarda) and pan masala packed in pouches.

Why is this happening? Where would jarda come from if there were no production of tobacco? If opium is not there, where will the heroin come from? There has to be a limit to production; there has to be some discretion about what should be produced. The production of articles, which do not satisfy primary needs of life, only leads to luxury or intoxication. In the ultimate analysis, one wonders why those things should be produced which are harmful to men from any point of view.

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