Economics Of Mahavira ► 03 ► [03.15] Economics of Non-violence and Peace - Control Over Conscience

Posted: 25.01.2006

Today, the production of such harmful articles, which is prompted only by the urge to earn profit, has created a terrible crisis in the world. While all the nations of the world, including India, are struggling against the smuggling of intoxicating products, those producing armaments exercise control over the market. The sellers of intoxicating products have acquired control over the market. Not on the market alone, they have usurped the control over man's conscience. How a person addicted to intoxicating substances becomes restless without them, he alone knows. At that time, he experiences deadly agony.

Mahavira had, therefore, said that there should be a limit to production also. Everything ought not to be produced. Intoxicating substances should neither be produced nor consumed. Anything which instigates sinful action, or which is the cause of sinful action, should be prohibited. If we analyse properly, the principles, which he propounded for business, are very valuable from the standpoint of non- violence and peace.

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