Economics Of Mahavira ► 04 ► [04.17] Limitation of Individual Ownership and Personal Consumption - Where Is Happiness?

Posted: 19.02.2006

In the market, fancy and glamorous things that are enticing to the consumers weave a trap. But these will one day become juiceless or without utility like the sugarcane.

One lady purchases an attractive saree for five hundred rupees. In the neighborhood, another lady purchases a much better saree for one thousand rupees. A person buys a watch for one thousand rupees. After two days, his friend buys a watch for two thousand rupees. The first person perceived happiness and satisfaction at his purchase. But now he becomes unhappy. Both the watches are giving the same time, but the watch costing two thousand rupees made the first person unhappy, since he could buy a watch costing only one thousand rupees.

A basic question that arises is whether today's consumerism is making man happy or unhappy? If we can understand the truth on this issue, the concept of limitation and its justification will be fully comprehended.

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