Economics Of Mahavira ► 04 ► [04.18] Limitation of Individual Ownership and Personal Consumption - Emancipation from Temptations

Posted: 20.02.2006

Mahavira gave these two philosophies for his own religion and followed by devout and committed society limitation of individual ownership and limitation of personal consumption.

Based on these two tenets, the society was developed. As a result, the society pursued a happy, healthy and peaceful life. Today, it is essential that our present-day economists and consumerism-led people realize the truth and not get away by illusory lures.

Today's consumerism has become a kind of fascination; it has become a craze, a hysteria-creating phenomenon. The customer dances to the tunes of the producer who creates the enhancing allurement. The consumer has become a puppet in the hands of the market and advertisements. If emancipated from these lures, the society will become a happy society with peaceful life assured to its members.

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