Economics Of Mahavira ► 05 ► [05.01] Environment and Economics - Technique of Becoming Rich

Posted: 21.02.2006

Modern Economics is economics of prosperity. A representative of the European Economic Community, Dr. Melshould, has articulated that philosophy in these words: "There is no question of going back, we have to proceed further. We have to become rich, and, indeed, richer. We have achieved some prosperity, now we have to become more prosperous. There is, of course, the problem of environment. We will find its solution. There is also the problem of energy. We will find its solution too. If ordinary reactor will not serve the purpose, then Fast-Breeder reactor will be used. There is no problem for which there is no solution. But we have to move forward and have to become richer".

Technique of Becoming Rich

Modern economics is based on the premise of becoming progressively richer. This concept has evolved because man has been accepted as a physical being only. It is argued that man has taken birth only to fulfil the primary needs. If his needs are fulfilled, he becomes prosperous, then what else remains? Whatever is to be done after that is no concern of Economics. Perhaps, Economics has been divorced from other aspects of life. It is not realized that be it social science or human science, economics or political science, all are interlinked with one another. If we consider only one aspect and ignore other aspects, then the right solution will never be found.

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