Economics Of Mahavira ► 05 ► [05.07] Environment and Economics - The Other Side Overlooked

Posted: 27.02.2006

In this process of generating pollution of the environment, the industries have played a major role. The oil and gas used in industries are dismantling the ozone umbrella. Naturally, the attention of today's scientists has been drawn to this serious problem. The prediction of man should be that we would find the solution. For the time being, however, the problem is becoming increasingly complex. While solution of one problem is found, another new problem emerges.

Even if we accept that the problem of environment would be solved, yet the consequences of the kalkhand will remain, Perhaps, the earth may not become that hot. Capitalist thinkers have talked about mankind's ability to find a solution to the problems of energy and environment, but they have ignored the other side of man. That other side is the dimension of health. Mental health, emotional health and physical health all are significant dimensions of the problem. The problem of increasing violence is another dimension. Enough thinking has not been devoted to these concerns. If adequate attention had been given to all these in a balanced way, the expressions like “we have to move forward", “have not to go back”, and ”'have to become prosperous" would not have advanced to the forefront.

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