Economics Of Mahavira ► 05 ► [05.11] Environment and Economics - The Theory of Utility

Posted: 03.03.2006

We live on consumption of solid materials. A definitional concept of Jain philosophy is anantpradeshi skandh. The skandhs (stocks) are of two types - micro skandh and macro skandh. The micro skandh, which is made up of infinite atoms, is not useful to us. The macro skandh, which is also made up of infinite atoms, alone is used by us. The extent of our use has become very limited. The dimension of objects in this universe is very vast. But considered from the point of view of utility, what can be of use to us is very limited.

In Jain philosophy, this aspect has been examined very minutely from the point of view of utility. It has been said in karmshastra that there is an atom skandh (stock) that is used for language. When we speak, we catch macro-skandhs. The atomic skandh can be used for that. It can be used for food, but it cannot be used for karmbandh. For karmbandh, a deeper skandh is needed. When limitless/endless parts get synthesized with it, it becomes useful to us.

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