Economics Of Mahavira ► 05 ► [05.12] Environment and Economics - Resources are Limited

Posted: 04.03.2006

Our world functions on utility. The skandh of respiration, skandh of language, skandh of meditation, and skandhs of the body - all these skandhs of utility are limited. The solid skandhs, which form into visible matters, are even more limited. For satisfying the unlimited craving, the supply of these limited means is inadequate, and this causes conflicts.

Every nation wants to get more and more of the global resources. A developed nation wants that its vision of development be realized. For attaining the pinnacle of success, the best of the resources of many countries are exploited. One powerful nation might achieve this, two nations might achieve this, and four nations might achieve this, but then what happens to the remaining ones? How will they be able to reach a similar goal? Obviously, they will be left with nothing at all. As a result, the problem will continue to remain as it is. It is, therefore, essential that a new thinking be evolved.

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