Economics Of Mahavira ► 05 ► [05.14] Environment and Economics - Where Is the Worry About Hunger?

Posted: 06.03.2006

The philosophy of the capitalist economy maintains that if the population grows, if the needs of the large population have to be satisfied, it is necessary to develop a network of large factories. In other words, it is essential to construct large factories. There is some logic in this reasoning. This thinking is not all without meaning.

This reasoning would have been even more meaningful if the large factories had made use of agricultural and chemical materials on a large scale for satisfying the needs of the people. The reality is that the large factories and the massive wealth earned through them arc not being used for satisfying these needs. These are being used more for imposing authority and dominance over the people.

If hunger of the people had been the objective, there would not be a move towards the direction of the atom bomb. Why did the latter process occur? It is certainly not because it was for the fulfilment of the needs of the people. Why is then a march towards the space?

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