Economics Of Mahavira ► 05 ► [05.15] Environment and Economics - Greed Is The Motivation

Posted: 07.03.2006

It is true that science has explored the truth. But it is only partially true. Along with the discovery of truth, Mahavira also directed that fellowship with others be developed. If along with the attempt for the exploitation of truth, this direction had also remained associated with it, then there would not have been any need for making nuclear weapons and a large chunk of world's budgets would not have been spent for the production of armaments.

Ignoring the important principle of fellowship, what great efforts are being made for eradication of poverty and hunger from the society? Only plans are being made for big factories and machines and agricultural production on a large scale. The strategy is proving counter-productive. Expressions of intent are made in one direction and action is taken in another direction. All efforts are being made trying to establish one's own sovereignty over land, water or sky, and to gain one's own dominance over the markets. At the back of these attempts is greed. The results are surfacing. That is why a new thought has appeared: the Capitalist and Socialist Economics are not meant for the welfare of the mankind. It is being felt that it is imperative that a new economic system is visualized, designed and evolved.

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