Economics Of Mahavira ► 05 ► [05.16] Environment and Economics - The Path of Anekanta

Posted: 08.03.2006

The central problem is that the times have moved so far ahead that now it is not possible to bring the world back to two thousand years or two thousand five hundred years. To lead a simple life, like Gandhiji, is very difficult. Gandhiji lived a life which belonged to a time a thousand years ago.

The persons having received education from the modern universities and having lived a life patterned by Modern Economics would not be prepared to live that kind of life. To achieve such a thing is even beyond imagination.

There is, therefore, the need for carving out a middle course so that a solution is found for the present problems and man is not forced to experience the horrible kalkhand. This could be the course of co-existence and the anekanta approach.

We need to change the motivations and the present approach. The new approach should aim at satisfying the primary needs of life. or this, a new economics will have to be visualized, the first principle of which would be the assignment of priority to the fulfilment of primary needs. As long as there is even one class of people, which suffers from hunger, we will not expand factories and the factories will not work for the production of articles of luxury.

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