Economics Of Mahavira ► 05 ► [05.17] Environment and Economics - Necessity and Luxury

Posted: 09.03.2006

Let us ponder over from the point of view of Economics: Two types of concepts would come before us - one pertaining to necessities and the other to luxuries.
Necessities are articles of primary needs, the availability of which does not give happiness and non-availability of which does give unhappiness.

Roti (bread) is a necessity. If it becomes available, there is no happiness; only the hunger would get satisfied, and when it is not available, there will be some amount of pain.

When an article of luxury (for example, a cosmetic) becomes available, a person feels very happy, but when he does not get it, there is no pain. With the new formulation (of new Economics), if the principle that as long as primary needs do not get fulfilled, the articles of luxury will not be produced is adopted, then today's problems of hunger and unemployment would be solved to a large extent.

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