Economics Of Mahavira ► 05 ► [05.18] Environment and Economics - Difference between a Donor and a Donee

Posted: 10.03.2006

Today, there is a great deal of discussion about cooperation. The developed countries are giving assistance to the developing countries. Apparently, this appears to be good, a point towards liberalization, but in reality everybody knows that the difference between a donor and a donee perpetuates itself.

A Sanskrit poet has beautifully expressed:

Datri yachakyoh bhedh kara-bhyamwa suchotam
The taker's hand would remain at a lower level and the donor's hand will be at the higher level. This position has to be accepted. Along with economic assistance, several terms, conditions and limitations are imposed that virtually a situation of economic slavery develops. Restrictions are imposed even on the use or transfer of intellectual property.

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