Economics Of Mahavira ► 06 ► [06.02] Poverty and Unemployment - The Demographic Issue

Posted: 13.03.2006

In between the issues of poverty and environment lies the growth in population. When population increases, poverty also increases and the environment gets polluted. Accordingly, the first question is: how to exercise control over population? To achieve this, a variety of efforts has been made and continues to be made, but the population growth could not be checked. Population is continuously increasing. Only a few years back, the population of India was about 600 million. It then crossed the 700 and 800 million mark and is now more than 900 million. It is being mentioned that India would welcome the 21st Century with 1030 million people. When population increases markedly, it impacts the articles of consumption, and the problem of poverty and scarcity gets more involved and that of environment get more complex.

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