Economics Of Mahavira ► 06 ► [06.09] Poverty and Unemployment - Economic Development and Crime

Posted: 20.03.2006

Man is an emotional creature. Within him the emotions of anger, vanity, greed and fear are simmering. Sometimes, feelings for the objective of eradicating poverty also emerge, but more dominant are the feelings of fear, passion, power and greed. The latter are so powerful that they suppress the feelings of generosity and compassion.

And, if the feelings of kindness and compassion come up, they are toned down. It has been mentioned in the UNDP report that, in terms of economic prosperity, America ranks eighth among the 173 countries. But in respect of crime, rape, murder, abductions, etc., America is at the top. There are some nations where the rates of rape and murder are high. In Germany, there has been an overwhelming evidence of the cases of insanity. This then ironically is the position of developed countries.

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