Economics Of Mahavira ► 06 ► [06.13] Poverty and Unemployment - The Urge to Dominate

Posted: 24.03.2006

There are some basic tendencies in man of dominance, of possession and of power.

Ravana sent a message to Indra through his ambassador, "I do not want your empire, l only want that you should accept my authority, become subordinate to me. Then you may do whatever you like".

Akbar also wanted the same from Rana Pratap, that the Rana., should accept him as the Emperor.

This tendency of dominance is very pervasive. Those who control an economic empire and have the dominant power want to establish their authority over others and, among those who have become rich, to compete between themselves and to dominate over others.

If human compassion had been awakened, these criminal tendencies would not have spread worldwide.

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